Skims Size Shapewears

Size Chart

For shapewear styles: XXS/XS to 4X/5X

Dress Size Bust Size Waist (IN) Hips (IN)
XXS/XS 00, 0, 2 30 - 34.5 23.5 - 26 31 - 34
S/M 4, 6, 8 35 - 39.5 26.5 - 32.5 34.5 - 40
L/XL 10, 12, 14 40 - 46.5 33 - 39 40.5 - 45.5
2X/3X 16, 18, 20 47 - 53 39.5 - 45 46 - 53.5
4X/5X 22, 24, 26 53.5 - 57.5 45.5 - 50 54 - 58

For shapewear & underwear: XXS to 4X

Dress Size Bust Size Waist (IN) Hips (IN)
XXS 00 30 - 32 23.5 - 24.5 31 - 33.5
XS 0 - 2 32.5 - 34.5 25 - 26.5 34 - 36.5
S 4 - 6 35 - 37 27 - 29 37 - 39.5
M 8 - 10 37.5 - 39.5 29.5 - 31.5 40 - 42
L 12 - 14 40 - 42.5 32 - 35 42.5 - 44.5
XL 14 - 16 43 - 46.5 35.5 - 38 45 - 48.5
2X 16 - 18 47 - 50.5 38.5 - 41 49 - 52.5
3X 20 - 22 51 - 53 41.5 - 44 53 - 55
4X 24 - 26 53.5 - 55.5 44.5 - 47 55.5 - 57.5

For bra styles: 32A to 44D

Fullest Part of Bust / Underbust Measurement
27-28" 29-30" 31-32" 33-34" 35-37" 38-40" 41-43"
32" 32A
33" 32B
34" 32C 34A
35" 32D 34B
36" 32DDD 34C 36A
37" 34D 36B
38" 34DD 36C 38A
39" 34DDD 36D 38B
40" 36DD 38C 40B
41" 38D 40C
42" 38DD 40D
43" 40DD 42C
44" 42D
45" 42DD 44C
46" 44D

SKIMS Solutionwear is an incredibly breathable, soft and supportive fabric that accentuates your curves and figure. Kim Kardashian has created a shapewear brand of slimming intimates, body enhancing wear and the latest innovations in shapewear available. But finding the perfect fit isn't as easy at it seems.

One of the biggest mistake women make when ordering shapewear online is assuming that all brands sizing charts were created equal. In order to find the perfect fit the first time, you need to compare your measurements to SKIMS size chart.

If you have any doubts about your exact size, you can always send them a direct message through one of SKIMS official social media accounts such as Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. Also, this is an excellent option to check out some of the honest reviews about fit, comfort and functionality.

Size inclusivity equals body positivity

Size inclusivity is one of the unique attributes of how the millennial culture is changing the face of the fashion world. More and more, designers are catering to different body sizes and Kim Kardashian has embraced the new norm of inclusivity. Up until recently, lingerie and shapewear brands have been targeting an exclusive audience by only offering a limited range of sizes.

Straight size brands are losing popularity and support from customers, as they look for companies that make them feel positive about their bodies. More and more, customers are stunning terminology such as plus size or the fact they have their own dedicated section with limited options. All of SKIMS Shapewear pieces come in the full range of sizes from XXS to 5X.

Kim Kardashian understands women and women today don't want to be told that they don't have a so-called normal body size or shape. She has been criticized in the past for being overweight or too curvy, but she loves her curves and doesn't need someone else telling her she isn't perfect. That is why she created SKIMS Solutionwear as she wanted to created a shapewear brand that embraced every body, by being totally inclusive.

What does SKIMS offer us?

We should really be asking: What doesn't SKIMS Shapewear offer us? On the official webpage,, you can find all of your undergarment needs such as panties, briefs, thongs and different styles of bras. All are made from ultra soft seamless fabric that provides light compression and support.

Plus the shapewear selection offers three different levels of compression starting at medium to super high. One of the top selling styles is: Kim's Solution Short. It is designed with a cut-off leg for wearing with slit dresses. The Sheer Sculpt Bodysuit ,literally sold out on in seconds from when the website launched on September 10th. Another must-have piece is the High Waist Bonded Brief.

But SKIMS by Kim Kardashian isn't only offering us size inclusivity but color inclusivity as all of her items are available in nine nude skin tones such as: sand, mica, clay, ochre, sienna, umber, oxide, cocoa and onyx. The hard part is that all of the colors are so elegantly beautiful, you will want more than one color.

Most shapewear styles come in a wide range of sizes from XXS to 4X and certain items are available in 5X. Kim has promised that she will release more sizes in the future. The entire bra collection sizes vary from 32A to 44D. Before assuming that you are a certain size, compare your measurements with the size charts to avoid having to send your item back for a different size.

It is a body positive shapewear line created, designed and endorsed by Kim Kardashian. Hence the name SKIMS, which is a play on her name with the word skin. But why is it called solutionwear and not shapewear? Kim admits that shapewear didn't provide her with real and practical solutions for her figure and she needed to constantly be tweaking it so it would actually work with her body. That is why she created her innovative solutionwear line.

The available products are Waist Trainers, Shapewears, Bras and Panties.

For shapewear styles that are available in jump sizing from XXS/XS to 4X/5X.

Skims offer free shipping on all orders over $75 in the U.S. along with standard and express options for international orders.


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