Why SKIMS is so innovative? Most styles lack the support and body lifting and enhancing ability that we so need to help us to look and feel our best. Plus, the whole idea of wearing shapewear is so it feels and looks like a second skin but who has completely white or black skin tone. Nobody!

But there is a new shapewear brand on the block that is offering real shaping solutions and results for real women like you and me.

SKIMS is the most innovative solution orientated approach to conventional body enhancing shapewear on the planet. Each piece is created and designed by Kim Kardashian West, to provide a body enhancing solution for every body.

The shapewear of the future

The inspiration behind Kim's new body shaping collection is due to years and years of searching for the ideal shapewear. She was frustrated with the lack of variety and styles. Most were designed for a typical size 2 and didn’t provide the support she needed for her curves or her skin tone.

Kim, like millions of women worldwide, was not satisfied with traditional shapewear. So, over time, she started recreating her shapewear pieces at home by cutting and sewing different shapewear styles together to create the solutions she so desired and needed. Also, she would travel with teabags to tint her undergarments to a more natural shade that matched her skin tone.

Kim found a real solution to our shapewear dilemma by creating SKIMS Solutionwear by giving us body-enhancing undergarments that really work. Kim guarantees that her shapewear will smooth, enhance, tone and perk up every type and shape of body.

Kim admits, on SKIMS TV video section, that she has always been obsessed with shapewear and even when other girls her age were just getting their first bra. After her pregnancies, she'd wear two or three pieces of shapewear to get the solutions she was looking for. Maybe, this is why she is considered to be the Queen of shapewear.

SKIMS Solutionwear

SKIMS by Kim Kardashian comes in nine different shades to complement your unique skin tone, such as sand, mica, clay, ochre, sienna, umber, oxide, cocoa and onyx. Kim announced that she would be introducing more shades in the future. But most of us, when we think about shapewear and Kim Kardashian, we envision a tight-fitting bodysuit. But, she literally doesn't step out of bed without first slipping into a piece of shapewear. Kim understands undergarments and what women want out of shapewear and undergarments. All of her designs were personally designed and tested by Kim Kardashian herself. She has been tweaking each piece into a work of art and perfection for the last decade or so.

Made from the softest buttery fabric with revolutionary supportive stretch and affordable prices, Skims Shapewear offers us with a wide selection of underwear such as bras, bralettes, thongs, panties and briefs. The highlight of Kim's collection is her shapewear section offering real solutions for smoothing, sculpting and enhancing.

On the official webpage, you can choose the solutionwear style depending on the target area such as tummy, butt, waist, thighs, etc. Plus, you can choose to shop by the level of support, offering four different levels: light, medium, high and super high.

Reviews have been pouring in, in the last few days, of happy customers wearing their latest SKIMS solutions. Many feel that it feels lighter and more breathable than other popular brands, but providing extra compression and cinching power.

Most of the collection comes in a wide range of sizes from XXS to 4X and certain styles in a 5X. Since she sold out of most pieces within minutes of launching the webpage, some of the more popular sizes have a short wait list.


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